Vaya Tyffyns special  limited edition – Gold Tyffyn box  launch event! 

Hey guys, 

Last week I was invited to the launch event of “Vaya Tyffyns” special limited edition – Gold Tyffyn box at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad. 

Now, you must be wondering what’s so special about a lunch box? Isn’t it? Well, wait. Let’s get into the details to get a clear idea of what’s it all about! 

The first image that comes to our mind hearing the word “lunch box” is those steel dabbas which we used to carry to our schools & infact, still use to office/work almost on a daily basis. We often tend to skip our meals & eat outside as we don’t feel like eating the food which isn’t fresh & warm. At times, we often face the problem of dripping raita or rasam creating mess everywhere.  The usual Tiffin boxes have failed to cater our needs for gharma garam Ghar ka khaana. While the rest of the world evolves, the Tiffin box has not seen any progress for decades. So,  Vaya Tyffyns has come up with innovative & carefully designed sustainable lunch boxes with useful services to bring a change in today’s world with it’s proprietary VacuTherm technology, which incorporates correct amount of vacuum within its copper lined covers that help in heat retention. It’s especially formulated to keep home cooked food warm for a good 5-6 hours, which surely means hot, fresh & healthy Gharma garam Ghar ka khaana! It’s available in 2 categories – 1000ml & 600ml in the range of Rs. 1890/- to Rs. 2990/- and in 6 variants of Graphite, Maple, wool, cheetah, dew & black. 

As an extension to the previously available ones, they’ve launched a special new variant of the Vaya tyffyn – Gold! Available in 1000ml capacity with 3 containers, this gold finished Tyffyn is priced at Rs.3800/- (with bagmat) & Rs. 3000/- (without a bagmat).  Gold, which is often synonymous with royalty, elegance & style, can now be an added part of your daily style statement. Besides being Uber stylish, gold is also symbolic of absolute achievement. Join the ranks of winners as Gold becomes part of your daily life. 

Commenting on the new launch, Vashist, founder & CEO of Vaya said – “With a whole lot of pride, we announce the launch of our latest Tyffyn variant – Gold, and as it’s a limited edition variant, the Gold Tyffyn will be a prized ownership of the select few.” 

The launch was followed by a sumptuous lunch & then we received our Vaya Tyffyn boxes, I’ve  got the Graphite  variant which comes in a radiant stainless steel finish.  Graphite spells effortless style which is simple yet classy! 

Below are the pictures of the Graphite variant, which I received. Have a look. 🙂 

Be it for a quick office lunch or a day out with friends, carry your meal in Vaya Tyffyn box and you are sure to be the envy of your colleagues & friends. Don’t miss out on this exclusive collection!
Log onto today and set a Gold standard for yourself! 

Stay updated with their latest launches on Instagram : vayaindia 


– Dimple Harika 💗 


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