Tie-waist shirt dress trend 

 If there’s one thing to keep in mind when dressing for any body type is to highlight the waist. Emphasizing the mid part of waist gives the illusion of perfect hourglass body, which every girl dreams of.  Lucky for us, one of the biggest season’s  dress trend ie, Tie-waist shirt dress is now here & it’s the perfect way to accentuate waist effortlessly ! 
Tie-waist shirt dress is this season’s star trend as it’s not only easy to throw on, it’s incredibly flattering & plays cool trick of tying the shirt around the waist. More edgy than belt, this is the quickest way to effortlessly nip in your waist without even trying!


The moment I saw this tartan tie-waist shirt dress online on faballey
 I knew I had to get this dress and you’ll know why! It looks oh-so-perfect and the tie-waist cinch creates more of a slimming silhouette. I’ve paired it up with white Sneakers and accessorized with a tattoo Choker & funky chain, looks mad cool & effortlessly stylish! 


Generally, I don’t do much with my hairstyles and just leave my hair open. This time, I thought to do something different and tried a top knot first time for this shoot but as I wasn’t sure how it’s gonna turn out in pictures, I went back to my normal style. (if incase you’re wondering, why my hairstyle varies in every picture) 
Let me know your thoughts! 

Outfit –  www.faballey.com 

Shoes –  streetstylestore.com 

Photography – @satishyalamarthi 
Any suggestions / queries / collaborations, kindly write to Dimple.harika44@gmail.com 📩 

Loads of love, 

Dimple Harika 💗 




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  1. stylechicsiya says:

    this is awsm

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