Vlcc style statements event! 

Hey guys, recently I was invited to the VLCC WELLNESS CENTER for an interactive session with their beauty experts. It was absolutely an honor being there, got to know so much about skincare,  hair-care & wellness from the experts.  The event started off with introduction and later, we had a round of the entire center through different rooms like the Therapy room, Spa room, gym etc. Continued by an interesting session with the expertised doctors,  skin specialists from VLCC who told us about many skin & hair treatments, weight loss, fitness etc. Personally,  I always thought VLCC was a beauty & hair care center but never knew that VLCC had so much to offer in the aspects of wellness & fitness.

Ms. Sushmita Verma, the category manager of VLCC, along with the experts explained how their treatments are targeted to cater the needs of an individual’s skin and hair depending on each skin & hair type and condition. She further explained, how the experts and dermatologists at VLCC take our skin/ hair/body type and diet, lifestyle and so many other factors into consideration before suggesting the right treatment for the particular problem. It was really amazing to know that they genuinely care and offer treatment after evaluating us completely, which was truly unique and very thoughtful of them.  Then, we started off with our queries,  which many of my readers have asked for and I got them answered by the experts. 

Well, i had received so many questions related to skin care like acne, tanning, blackheads, etc and haircare like dandruff, split ends, hairfall etc.  The experts and dermatologists were kind enough and answered each and every query in detail.

Skin care : The experts have acknowledged us that proper intake of water and diet is a must for maintaining healthy skin and to avoid any skin related problems. Followed by good skin care like facials which improve the overall texture and quality of skin, also helping us to reduce skin problems and aging. They suggest you to try any of their MEDAVITA  facials for evenly toned, supple, healthy and radiant skin.

Dandruff : For dandruff, Sushmita suggests maintaining a clean scalp! She says that – dandruff can’t be removed completely but it can be prevented and reduced by cleansing it properly. She recommends their PURITY program at VLCC for dandruff which helps reduce those dry irritating flakes and itchy scalp! 

Split ends : She has suggested to avoid excessive usage of heat products like straighteners, dryers etc on the hair to prevent split ends and hair loss. She recommends to try the RECONSTRUCT program at VLCC  to repair the damaged split hair and reconstruct it. She also mentioned to go for 10 sittings  to get rid of split ends completely and to get healthy, shining hair. 

To get glowing skin: If you have dull and sallow looking skin, maintaining a glowing skin is hard work. They suggest you to go for Vampire face-lift.  Platelet rich plasma is a form of blood plasma, taken from your own blood that has been enriched with platelets and growth factors and applied to your face with dermaroller to stimulate growth and healing on the required parts giving them a youthful radiance! 

Dark circles & Puffiness : Dehydration is the main cause of dark circles, puffiness etc and she thereby suggests a proper sleep routine and a balanced diet to get rid of them. She recommends DERMA EYE HEAL TREATMENT that completely reduces dark circles and puffiness in a single sitting. She also suggested to opt for their VISIONARY TREATMENT for excessive eye related problems and to contour eye area. 

Also, VLCC is coming up soon with some new services like Lash extension and micro blading.

Lash extension : This is something which really excited me. This provides long term solution for around good 15 months with thick, long lustrous lashes and you need not apply any mascara or look out for false lashes and get those naturally gorgeous lashes with this lash extension facility at VLCC which is coming up very soon! 

Micro blading :  Another new service is micro blading, which provides you with  naturally soft pink lips and proper shaped eyebrows that you need not rush to parlors every month to get them done and  when you wake up every morning, you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing make up! Isn’t it truly amazing?!

We also had the dermatologist from their team speaking about Botox, fillers treatment etc! Earlier these were restricted to only after an age of 30+ but with VLCC it’s simple and easy. It’s true that we really don’t want to take risk when it comes to our skin, the dermatologists and cosmetologists at VLCC take extreme care and help us with these problems and they say, it’s extremely safe to get these treatments done! It’s true that we can’t risk with our skin, but, now with VLCC,  nothing seems impossible!

Lastly, after the session was ended, we were greeted with a gift hamper and goodie bag which consists of VLCC SHAPEUP 10 in 1 skin oil, VLCC SKIN NOURISHING SUN SCREEN LOTION with SPF40 and SLIMMERS GREENTEA with anti oxidants!

Overall, it was an amazing experience wherein I got to learn so much about skincare,  wellness and various treatments! I hope I’ve covered all your queries and this post helps you out.

That’s all for today’s post. Don’t forget to follow VLCC on Instagram : @vlccin 


Dimple Harika 💖 


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