Whisper Ultrasoft Review

Admit or not?! Every woman has cursed her periods atleast once in lifetime. During those 5 days of the month, we always find excuses from doing something or going out due to the sheer discomfort, heavy flow, cramps, bloating and fear of getting stained.We, women need to go all out to chase our dreams, be comfortable in our skin and truly be unstoppable. Periods are a natural phenomenon, that comes up every month throughout lifetime..Women shouldn’t hold themselves back at any point in their lives from achieving their dreams,  be it a regular day or those 5 days of the month. We can’t escape from periods, but can surely make it better by opting for the best sanitary solutions like Whisper, which provides superior comfort. The brand has newly launched, “Whisper Ultrasoft”  sanitary pads- as the name suggests, it is very soft and absorbs wetness hour after hour, thereby provides utmost comfort throughout the day. It protects from rashes, itchiness, redness etc and leads to a happy, comfy and better periods! 

Well, I’ve received this beautiful hamper from Whisper , at the right moment when I needed and I got to try them. To be honest, I’m a loyal user of Whisper sanitary pads since a very long time. Trust me,  these pads are much more comfortable comparatively to the regular ones which I’ve used earlier. I’ve had the best periods so far, I felt very comfortable like never before. They are 2Xsofter which feels extra gentle on the skin.  One of the best thing about these pads are that they are breathable and very thin, feels like second skin. You won’t even feel any discomfort or itchiness. It’s very soft and 2 times larger than the regular pads which helps you sleep peacefully without having to worry about getting stained. 

Periods are a natural phenomenon and that shouldn’t stop you from doing something or going out somewhere. With the new whisper Ultrasoft, I’ve felt very comfortable and confident enough to do anything. I’ve had the best and peaceful sleep like a regular day without worrying about getting stained. I didn’t need to wake up every 2-3 hours to change pads  during sleep which lead to the most peaceful period sleep ever! 

I could also go to work and stand whole day, complete my works, run errands without worrying about leakage or any discomfort. I could also wear white pants without worrying about getting Stained. .  I could dance, jump, and do almost anything and everything like a regular day. I truly feel, women are unstoppable and can achieve their dreams even during those 5 days of the month. All thanks to Whisper for coming up with this amazing Ultrasoft,  making women’s  sanitary hygiene and comfort as superior priority. 

The new Whisper Ultrasoft (pack of 7 pads)  priced at 64/- is now available in all leading stores. 

Pamper yourself with the brand new Whisper Ultrasoft sanitary pads and indulge in a comfortable, better and happy periods like never before! 

Much love, 

Dimple Harika 😘


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