Banjaras #MeandNature

Hello everyone, 

Hope you’ll are doing great. Today’s post is something different from my regular posts, it’s all about my love for nature & all things natural. We all know that nature has healing, therapeutical & medicinal properties which cures all problems related to skin, hair & body. 
I’m talking about the age old & super reliable brand Banjaras.  I recently came across their video and absolutely loved their message, so I couldn’t stop myself from sharing it with you guys. Banjaras believes in – “A little bit of nature can bring out whole lot of beauty”. You might have seen the  message in this video which says “Nature’s beauty is everlasting and if you take care of nature, it will take care of you”. Banjaras products  are filled with the goodness of nature keeping this in mind. Their  products are not only natural but also show their love for nature which reflect in purity, quality and efficacy of their products.  They strongly believe that the goodness found in nature cannot be found in any other chemical or artificial products which might give you instant results though but they will harm your skin in the long run.

Banjaras caters to the needs of entire family, from the Brazilian Black hair dye for parents to Samvridhi Hair Oil for luscious, long & healthy hair and the daily essential Multani mitti + orange face wash to brighten the complexion and lastly Multani mitti + Papaya face pack which helps in scars &  spot reduction and gives a toned look while controlling excessive oil! Their products can be used by everyone  in the family from all age groups for every skin / hair need. Not only that, they are super easy to use, affordable and work effectively! 
If you’re already a follower of my blog and me on social media, you’ll must be knowing that I’m a huge lover of natural and organic products. Banjaras is one brand which I can simply rely on, as it’s completely natural and shows no side effects at all. I still remember when I first used their Multani mitti as a pack when I was in school, that was the very  first face pack I ever tried on, as it’s completely safe to use. From then I’m hooked to Banjaras and I’ve tried many face packs since then depending upon my skin / hair need. Recently, I started using their Samvridhi Hair Oil which has 8 vital herbs and oils, since almost 2 months now and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s a complete hair care solution, reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth to give long, luscious hair. To know more in detail about this oil and my review on it, click here 

My dad has been using their Brazilian black hair dye for a long time now as it’s completely safe and shows no adverse effects. Their products can be used by all age groups in the family, catering every skin/hair need. I absolutely love using Banjaras as I get the benefit of “Beauty without any harmful effects”. 

Not only this, Banjara’s is listed under PETA’s cruelty free companies that neither uses animals for testing nor does it mix any animal ingredient in any of it’s products. 

And, now comes the most exciting part ie, you guys can get Banjaras product samples to try on absolutely for free,  just by filling  the form here 

To know more about Banjaras, check them out here on their social media :




Register yourself in the above link and enjoy your free samples. Do share your experiences with me, I’d love to hear from you’ll. 

Loads of love, 

Dimple Harika 💗


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