Think Frill La Coffer Subscription Boxes – Review

​Hello everyone, 

I am back with a review post and it’s really something unique and different from my regular posts! 

Well, I’ve reviewed many monthly subscription boxes earlier which are related to beauty or fashion, but this amazing brand namely, Think Frill  has come up with a new monthly period subscription box, especially for girls with an awesome concept to pamper girls during their PMS session. 

We girls deal with all sorts of mood swings, zits, cramps, bloating and what not, during our monthly periods. So, Think Frill has come up with this amazing concept to make us feel better during that time of the month as enjoyable as ever with a box full of goodies consisting period supplies and many more to pamper us and make our period experience much better!  

 These subscription boxes from Think Frill are known as “La Coffer ” and have an assortment of different products consisting of:

✅Sanitary products ❤

✅Beauty/Skin care Products ❤ 

✅Hygiene Products ❤

✅Snacks, Tea packs and sweet treats ❤

✅Discount vouchers from KFC & Burger King ❤

✅ Victoria Secret’s Voucher ❤ 

   They come in three different types of subscription boxes based on the amount of products present in them. They are namely Queen Coffer, Princess Coffer & Duchess Coffer!  

Queen Coffer: 

Queen Coffer is the most luxurious type of subscription box which is a lovely combination of the necessary pampering which a  girl needs during her PMS. This box Is priced at ₹699/month . So, the products inside this box are: 

La CofferSanitary Pack. 

Avon Simply Delicate Feminine Wash:  This PH-Balanced Intimate wash with white oak bark extract, moisturizes and soothes the intimate areas and maintains your personal hygiene. Priced at ₹199/- 

Meiji Hello Panda : These Panda shaped biscuits filled with delicious chocolate filling will satisfy your cravings for sure! Priced at ₹35/- 

Jolly Rancher Fruity Chews:  Treat yourself with a bag of yummy, chewy candies which come in four great flavors. Priced at  ₹40/- 

ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick: Rich in color, smooth and creamy, this liquid lipstick moisturizes the lips and lasts for hours. This product is my personal favorite in this box! 💄💗 Priced at ₹399/- 

Twinings Tea Bags:   Enjoy this tea while beating those cramps and rejuvenating your skin with all the antioxidants! Priced at ₹250/- (Pack of 25) 

Origami Wet Wipes:  These individually packed, fragrant anti-bacterial wet wipes will refresh and moisturize your skin. Priced at INR 3/- (Pack of 4) 

 Princess Coffer:

Moving on to the next box, which is the Princess Coffer! It has got some really amazing stuff  which you surely don’t wanna miss out ! This box is priced at  ₹399/month. 

Yoga bar Chocolate chunk nut:  Yoga bars are a delicious way to energize and discover all the good stuff life has to offer. Priced at ₹35/-

Oriflame Pure Color Intense Lipstick: This smooth, long-lasting, hydrating lipstick with rich color will give you an enviable perfect pout.  Absolutely loved the shade! 💋 priced at ₹199/-

Kronokare Hand Sanitizer:  To keep you safe from germs and infection.Priced at  ₹39/-

Tong Garden BBQ Sunflower:  A pack of crunchy spicy sunflower seeds which are the perfect salty snack for any occasion.

Lipton Tea Bags: Enjoy this tea while beating those cramps and rejuvenating your skin with all the antioxidants! ₹160/- (Pack of 25) 

Organic India Tea Bags:  Enjoy this tea while beating those cramps and rejuvenating your skin with all the antioxidants! ₹155/- (Pack of 25) 

Duchess Coffer: 

Last but not the least is the Duchess Coffer! It’s the simplest and basic menstrual monthly care which is priced  at ₹249/month. This box has all the basic necessary items we require during our PMS. The products inside are:

La Coffer Sanitary Pack.

Gratia Soap Bar: Lather yourself up with this fantastic soap and get soft skin that smells heavenly! ₹95/- 

Origami Tissue Pack:  Stay clean and safe from infections on the go with these tissues. ₹12/-

Tempo Cotton Touch Handkerchiefs: This travel friendly pack of soft, high quality tissues will keep you clean wherever you go. ₹10/-

Tetley Tea Bags: Enjoy this tea while beating those cramps and rejuvenating your skin with all the antioxidants! ₹160/- (Pack of 30) 

Hershey’s Flavoured Syrup:  Whip up a delicious milkshake with Hershey’s Strawberry & Chocolate syrups. ₹ 10/- each. I personally loved these alot. They’re super yummy! 😋 

Apart from these, there are also Victoria Secret Vouchers, Kfc & Burger King vouchers present in all the 3 boxes!  

I absolutely loved their concept of pampering session which has really made my PMS session into a better experience like never before!  Looking forward to many more exciting products! 

Sounds super interesting right?!  I’d definitely suggest you’ll to try out this amazing experience! 

Check then out at and also follow them on Instagram to stay updated with sneak peeks of what’s inside their boxes every month and much more!!  

That’s all for today! 

Xoxo 💋 


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  1. Ameena says:

    i want to know how to get these products at my place


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