Medimix Ayurvedic Facewash Review 

Every woman is born with beautiful skin and it is upto us to take care of it & maintain properly. 
My mother always advises me to take care of my skin with Natural and Ayurvedic products. There are different herbs and plant products that my mom tells me to use as they are all natural and cause no harm to the skin. She always trusts Ayurvedic products as they have been passed down to through the generations and we all trust that it works. But adding them into our beauty regime becomes time consuming and difficult as they need to be prepared in a a certain way. 

But, due to the stressful lifestyle and hectic work schedule, we lack of time which leads to dull and damaged skin. Climatic conditions in addition lead to different skin problems which makes skincare more tricky. 

Well, I recently came across this wonder product which I’d like to introduce to you’ll. It is the “Medimix Ayurvedic Facewash” with the goodness of all natural and Ayurvedic properties. 

You can get Medimix Ayurvedic Facewash from here: 

Medimix Facewash Essential Herbs 50ml:
Medimix Facewash Essential Herbs 100ml:  
Medimix is one of the most trusted brands of skincare. #MedimixAyurvedicFacewash is a one stop solution for pimple free, fairer, beautiful & glowing skin with the goodness of 6 essential herbs and is suitable for all skin types. It is soap free, paraben free and eco-friendly. 

It helps your skin as it battles with environmental toxins all day. It gives your skin the deep natural care it deserves. It contains Neem, Aloevera and turmeric which  are the age old natural ingredients adviced by our grand mothers to mothers for skin care which really work wonders as we all know. The unique blend of neem, aloevera and turmeric gently cleanses and rejuvenate the skin, keeping it pimple free and clear from all impurities.  The divine herb Lodhra which acts as healing agent reduces skin inflammation while improving complexion and Manjishtha & Kushtha enhances skin texture. It also retains the Natural balance of skin, keeping it refreshed. All these ingredients are used by our grand mothers to mothers since ages and are trusted for their amazing benefits! 

I have been using this Facewash since over a week now and i’ve noticed visible results. After washing my face with this Facewash, I noticed my skin oil free and controls oil for good 3-4 hours. I also had few zits on my forehead which were neither huge nor tiny bumps but were quite annoying as they were clearly visible. After first usage of the face wash, zits were visibly reducing in size and slowly vanished after continuous usage daily. I am really impressed with this product as it gently cleanses the skin leaving behind oil free, pimple free and glowing skin.

It is a one stop solution delivery of all the benefits of my mother’s methods in a clean,simple, easy to use single product.So, no more complaining of not getting time for skincare. It just takes a moment to wash your face and it can be carried in your purse where ever you go, to keep you oil free and refreshed all day, always!  
Price: INR 60/- 



Medimix also has a Anti-Tan variant ie, Medimix Ayurvedic Anti-tan Facewash with Tanaka.  

Hope you guys loved reading my review and you’ll will definitely try this amazing product!  

That’s all for today! 


Loads of love 💕 

Xoxo 💋 

    – Dimple Harika 


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  1. Archana says:

    Looks like a nice face wash for oily, acne-prone skin. Will try it out…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, dear! Give it a try.


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