Comfy Pj’s

Hello everyone,

Always wear cute Pyjamas to bed, you’ll never know who you will meet in your dreams.”- Joel Madden

People in India are growing way too conscious about their fashion and styling in today’s Era,  so why not bring them to our bedrooms? Sounds cool. Right?
Well, today’s post is all about bringing a change in the way people think of nightwear in India with Clts- Cute Little Things,  the cutest nightwear brand of India, which makes everything with a pinch of cuteness, a zing of new style and a variety of colours with a motto to bring fashion right into your bedrooms and make you believe in their ideology “Don’t wear your old clothes to bed.”

CLTS – is a brand with life in it;  young,fresh and energetic with an initiative to fill our lives with loads of fun.

They provide wide range of nightwear in different segments such as casual sleepwear,  bedroom nightwear,  nightsuits,  Pyjamas etc.

So,  recently I got 2 Pyjamas from Clts, which are super comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Both are unique and trendy in it’s own way and are completely different to each other.

First is a Blue Pyjamas which is super comfortable with perfect fitting and pockets as well and above all, it’s super cool.
Let the pictures do the talking!




Next, I have a Black Yoga Pyjamas which are comfortable,  flexible and stylish at the same time. These yoga pants are a must have for your inner peace and the stripes pattern over it,  makes it look super stylish. As Stripes are in vogue these days,  and even your nightwear deserves to look fashionable. Right?
So, here are the pictures of this look. Enjoy!





So, don’t wear your old clothes to bed and stay stylish even in your bedroom with!

You can shop these from directly
or you can so find them at,,,
Myntra App.

Connect to them via social media:

That’s all for today. Drop in your views in the comments below.

Any suggestions/queries/Collaborations,  kindly write to

Loads of love ♥
– Dimple Harika 💋


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